Friday 1 April 2016

DeLorean #2 - The full story

Being from Northern Ireland we are naturally very interested in DeLoreans as that’s where they where built.

We own one of the World’s rarest pre production prototype DeLoreans, actually our example was the factory develoment car and has a very interesting and important history, a one owner original Northern Ireland car with only 4000 miles on the clock makes her quite unique. Vin#513 is also a very rare euro model with a KMP dash clock.

We are preparing a proper history document of this particular car and will be posting it here soon so check back and get the full story!

We also have some DeLoreans for sale regularly so let us know if you are thinking of adding one to your collection. We only supply exceptional examples.

For Deloreans for sale (and perhaps a very special DeLorean expereince) check out for contact details.


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    1. If this is VIN 513 and the first production DeLorean was VIN 500 wouldn't that make this car the 14th production DeLorean out of the factory? Pre Production DeLoreans were known as Pilot cars ranging from Proto 1 to Pilot 28. Proto 1, Pilot 19, 20, 21, 25, VIN 500, 501, 502 & 510 all still exist, so that makes your car the 10th oldest surviving DeLorean in the world unless there's still an early one out there hidden in a barn somewhere. Your car is very special and as you know incredibly lucky to have survived. However it isn't the '2nd DeLorean ever produced' as stated, getting the provenance of a car correct is important.
      The first sellable DeLorean is another story...

  2. Don't forget Pilot 12 or OPW 651W if you prefer, which still exists in un-restored condition in the USA.

    Its all in out book...DeLorean Celebrating The Impossible. ..Chris Parnham. DOC UK Historian.